Brian Scott

Board Director

Since 1982 Brian Scott has been a partner at The Communitas Group (, a consulting firm which specializes in co-operative enterprise and cooperative housing development. Scott is an environmental and energy generalist who has embraced an integrated design philosophy and works closely with the owner, designer and contractor team stakeholders to holistically seek an optimized sustainable design. In 1999 Scott led the design team which ultimately resulted in Grandin Green Strata Title Co-op, recognized by CMHC as one of Canada's most energy efficient high-rise developments. In 2009, with Equilibrium Communities grant funding from the Government of Canada, Scott led the design research team on the Station Point Greens Passive House development, a proposed 200 unit sustainable high-rise in Edmonton Alberta. The research results were presented by Scott at the 2014 UNEP-SBCI international conference (The Future of the Built Environment: Sustainability, Carbon Neutrality and Beyond) in Quebec City. Scott’s current passion is PACE financing and as such, is a founding director of PACE Alberta with the mission of ushering into existence Canada’s most successful PACE program.


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