Community Generation Work Continues

In April 2019, SPICE was awarded a grant through Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Community Generation Capacity Building Program (CGCB). With the help of former Solar Energy Society of Alberta Executive Director, Rob Harlan to manage this project, SPICE has been using this funding to diligently carry out the following work over the past several months:

  1. Conduct project technical and financial feasibility studies
  2. Create financial modeling tools,
  3. Develop and present Community Generation Workshops throughout Edmonton with the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton, La Cite Francophone and the Northern Alberta Cooperative Housing Association (NACHA)
  4. Carry out Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) design charrettes,
  5. Create a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) template along with additional appropriate legal documents,
  6. Research utility distribution connection procedures and costs,
  7. Cultivate partnerships, and
  8. Move toward a specific project launch.

SPICE also presented a Community Solar Workshop to City of Edmonton staff members on February 25, 2020. The workshop addressed how the Community Generation section of Alberta’s new Small Scale Generation Regulation might be utilized to support the City’s ambitious Community Energy Transition Strategy. Thirty City staff members and ten community leaders attended.

Lastly, SPICE is actively pursuing a possible pilot project with the Edmonton Food Bank. The Food Bank’s operational headquarters include both an administration building and a warehouse, both requiring significant amounts of electricity. Fortunately, the two large flat roofs have great year-round solar access. These roofs have the capacity to support a Community Generation solar project larger than a Micro-generation level installation. This potentially provides an additional revenue source for the Food Bank.

Stay tuned to for all the latest developments as SPICE completes this very exciting work and prepares for its first investment ready project in 2020!


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