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We source clean energy investment opportunities, homegrown in Alberta, that allow you to be a part of building prosperous, collaborative, and sustainable communities. We help source local projects for investment that align with your values.

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Once you have formally joined SPICE by becoming a member of the cooperative and providing your investor information, you will be able to browse our available investment opportunities.

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View the active investment opportunities on the SPICE member investor platform, coming soon. SPICE will execute a thorough review on all potential investment projects to analyze their impact, ensuring that they meet our rigorous investment offering criteria.


Once you find an investment opportunity that interests you, you will complete your personal investor accreditation process with SPICE. You will then be provided access to additional offering documents and can be introduced to the issuer to support you with your investment decision.


After a successful review, your investment is processed online or at a partner Servus Credit Union location and your funds will be held securely in trust. Once the investment campaign is closed and confirmed to be successful, you will receive your investment documentation, including a signed Shareholder Agreement, to track over the life of the project.


Use our member investor platform to monitor and track updates on your investment over it's life. Once you're done, it is time to start the process over again and continue to grow your principal with your principles!

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We are working hard to prepare our first investment offerings to build your perfect portfolio.
Stay tuned for the launch of our investor portal which will allow you to easily browse all of our local opportunities.
In the meantime, sign up using the form below to stay up to date on all developments.

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