David Patterson

Board Director

David Patterson has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1975 and has been involved in industrial instrumentation, process control, and safety systems for most of his 40 year Professional Engineering career.

His experience has ranged from Ontario Hydro's Nuclear Divison at Bruce Heavy Water Plant, a Shell/Nova joint venture, computer sales and Syncrude Canada Ltd. Utility Plant in Fort McMurray, AB. Over the years his work evolved from Instrumentation to Instrumentation and Control to DCS support and Burner Management System/Safety Systems support and expert.

David has been involved in industrial electronics as they have evolved from TTL logic, programmed via wire-wrapped connections, dual CPU PLCs, Triple Modular Redundant 2oo3 Safety Systems, analogue control systems, first generation DCS control systems and 3rd generation DCS control systems.

In 2014, David retired from Syncrude as a Sr Associate Process Control Engineer, moved back to Edmonton and is greening his 1959 bungalow with solar PV and an EV, with more green improvements planned.

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