Melanie Hoffman

Melanie Hoffman

Board Director

Melanie’s heart and soul are committed to the best possible future for humanity. Her passionate work is driven by the small window the most ‘hopeful’ science suggests human activity may still have in which to enable a future for billions of people and other animals on this planet – respecting planetary boundaries, and fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. Directing projects in climate solutions education and obtaining her Climate Reality training have given her the broader background to understand and strengthen what her heart has always known: that together, we are stronger, and for others, our work is better.

SPICE’s work speaks squarely to the future society her work aims to build – in which her focus will be listening and engaging diverse audiences, and paying careful attention to the margins. Melanie brings a background in science and the liberal arts: She holds a Ph.D. in inorganic materials chemistry from the University of Alberta, and served as professor, teaching science and cross-curricular liberal arts courses at the innovative Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC. There, she also served on a variety of committees in faculty administration. Now, she focuses on climate education, working with The King’s Centre for Visualization in Science as Grant Writer, Project Director and Visiting Science Communication Specialist for Accessible Climate Solutions, and Youth Empowering Greater Community Climate Solutions.

Melanie has spoken at Green Drinks, organized a community climate conversation in her neighbourhood, is very excited about her family’s solar array, bike commuting, permaculture front yard, plans for a deep energy retrofit, and loves a good laugh, having grown up in the Rhineland, Germany.

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