Community Benefit

As an Opportunity Development Cooperative, we offer investments, that stimulate growth of communities, create resilient jobs, access investor tax credit (ITC's), and improve energy accessibility for all Albertans.


A Legacy

We help organizations and individuals adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible investing practices that leave the legacy of a healthy future for our children.



We source reliable, low-risk, clean energy developments that harness sustainable technology and ensure stable growth on your investments.

Welcome to SPICE

The Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton (SPICE) is a community investment cooperative focused on the development of renewable energy projects that bring Community Benefits to the Greater Edmonton and Alberta regions. 

Creating competitive, ethical, community investments with people, planet, and profits weighted equally is SPICE's primary commitment to you our investor.  Watch our video to the right to find out more about community benefits.


Our Investment Advantage

We offer comprehensive, clean, community energy, energy innovation & energy efficiency investment solutions for individuals, organizations and corporations.

Diversify & Divest
SPICE investments are TFSA and RRSP eligible and with us, you have choice. Our offerings, allows our investors to match their money with meaning. Choose to stabilize your portfolio by adding in clean energy or re-purpose your RRSP & TFSA funds, to more ethical options.
Community Benefit
Our green energy investment opportunities, not only bring benefits to the environment but also to growing your communities, so your children inherit better futures.
Online Monitoring
Have the cake and eat it too. We exist to grow your pocket but also your understanding of energy, and energy investment. You get online access to an investor's platform and updates, that help you understand the status of your projects, as well what peripheral information that is relevant to you.
Secured By Tangible Assets
You can rest assured that your investments are backed by real assets. Assets which you can see in your own community benefiting those around you.
Competitive Returns
SPICE takes due diligence seriously. We make extra effort to review each project's details and success before creating an offering. We work hard to only source opportunity that offers you, competitive and stable returns.
GHG Reduction
The investments SPICE select to offer, have GHG reduction prioritized equally with our community and profit. When you invest with SPICE, you invest in a legacy that will withhold the test of time, and build flourishing futures for generations to come.

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If you have a project that you want to benefit from SPICE funding and resources, click one of the links below and contact us. Our SPICE team, will help qualify you and guide you through your next steps.

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