Grow your Principal with your Principles.

In a perfect world, every investment would help your pocket, community, and environment grow.

SPICE brings perfect to you, with competitive, local, clean energy investments.

Purpose & Values

We facilitate community renewable energy investment,  focusing on solar projects that bring local benefits. We strive to create a world where investments measured by a triple bottom line (people, planet, and profits) are a default.

The Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton (SPICE) is a local member-owned Opportunity Development Cooperative (ODC) founded in 2012 enabling community solar projects by aggregating local capital and funding bankable projects. We offer reliable local solar investments that stimulate growth of communities, access investor tax credits, and contribute to the democratization of energy.

SPICE is a cooperative, which is by no means an accident. SPICE embodies the 7 cooperative principles, continuously striving to share their benefits with other organizations and cooperatives alike through open collaboration.  New to the seven cooperative principles?  Learn more in the video on the right.

SPICE provides socially and environmentally responsible local investment options with visible community benefits. Led by a highly experienced and passionate board, SPICE is a reliable resource for knowledge and aims to create a sustainable and replicate model for community solar investment which will thrive independently of programs and policies.

SPICE History

A glimpse at our growth to date


Bright Beginnings

SPICE is at its core a grassroots organization. It was founded as an Opportunity Development Cooperative (ODC) by three passionate and involved community leaders focused on economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, and solar power. 

The First Steps

SPICE was formally incorporated and began development of its cooperative bylaws.

Development Continues

The first full Board Of Directors was recruited by the three original founding members. SPICE also began work in solar PV feasibility and training projects by helping with the development of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) Green Leagues program. This program assisted Edmonton community leagues interested in greening their energy and leading in sustainability practices.

Capacity Building

SPICE won two significant bids for capacity building grant funding to help "Lead and Seed" community energy in Alberta. First from the Government of Alberta's Community Energy Capacity Building Program, then from Energy Efficiency Alberta's Community Generation Capacity Building Program.

SPICE's Next Steps

SPICE is continuing to carry out it's deliverables from the Community Generation Capacity Building Program, preparing it's first community energy investment offerings and setting up sound legal and business models. Once the first projects investment-ready, we will be sharing the updates across the community. Stay tuned!

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