Make an Impact Beyond Financial Returns

Invest in a Sustainable Future with SPICE

SPICE invites you to join our inaugural fundraising offer, presenting a unique opportunity to contribute to renewable energy in Alberta.

Your investment goes beyond financial returns, fostering social and environmental progress. By funding renewable energy projects, you help reduce energy costs for local non-profits, faith groups, First Nations, and other communities, contributing to a healthier environment.

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Become an Investor

How Investment Works

Your Path to Ethical Returns

The investment journey with SPICE is straightforward:

  • Become a Member: Membership is the first step towards investing.
  • Purchase Shares: As a member, you can buy shares for specific projects.
  • Fund Solar Projects: The funds raised are used to install solar panels on community buildings.
  • Earn Returns: Receive annual returns on your investment throughout the project term.
  • Enduring Impact: At the end of the term, the community enjoys a fully paid solar system, while you receive your initial investment back.

Eligibility for Investment

Who Can Join Our Investment Community?

Investment with SPICE is open to members who meet certain criteria under the Alberta Securities Commission’s prospectus exemptions. These include:

  • Employees and consultants of the cooperative
  • Family, close personal friends, and close business associates
  • Accredited investors
  • Members of the Cooperative
  • Self-certified investors

For detailed criteria and more information on prospectus exemptions, please refer to the Alberta Securities Commission website

Ready to Invest?


Anyone who is an individual 18 years or older and not an undischarged bankrupt can apply for a membership with SPICE by simply using our online membership application. In becoming a member, you purchase a Class A membership share for $50, which buys you a lifetime membership with SPICE. Once you are a member, you can participate in shaping the organization and invest into our Share Offerings.

The current minimum investment in our Class B Investment share Offering is 10 Shares for $100 each, which equals a minimum investment of $1000. There is no defined maximum investment amount per investor, but this Share Offering is capped at $250,000.

The term of the investment into Class B Investment Shares is 11 years. Beginning in year 2025 in respect for the 2024 year-end, the Board of Directors will annually declare a dividend which is targeted to be competitive with comparable TSE-Index dividend yield (currently around 3%). Beginning in year four until year eleven, the invested capital will be returned to the investor.

SPICE shares are not transferable or traded on a recognized stock exchange. For details on our Class B Investment Share Offering and the potential risks in investing, please contact us directly to receive and we will send you our exhaustive Offering Information.

At this time in the Class B Share Offering, investments are pooled and released into projects the Board of Directors has decided to pursue. We are planning to add the option to invest into a different Share Classes dedicated to specific projects in the future.

The money our investors invest with us is held in trust until we have developed a Community Solar project and raised sufficient funds to realize it. For each project, the Board of Directors conducts a Due Dilligence before granting approval and releasing the funds to build and operate the Solar system for the Community partner.

If we are not successful in finding communities to partner with for new projects, or potential projects proof to be not viable for various reasons or if we are not able to raise sufficient funds to realize a project, the investment held in trust will be returned to the investors.

At this time we do not offer RRSP eligible Investments or other tax benefits for our investors. We are working on implementing this in the future.

As a cooperative, we are working democratically. Every member is invited to join our annual general meeting and vote on all issues the Board of Directors presents (for specifics see our Articles and Bylaws). If a member would like to participate in the development of SPICE more directly, it is always an option to run for a position on the Board or volunteer on a committee!

We are always sharing as much information as possible about the projects we are funding. While projects are still in the development phase, they will usually not be made public until a Memorandum of Understanding is signed by all project partners.

4x1 Solar Panels

Your investment in SPICE is more than just a financial decision; it's a commitment to renewable energy and the well-being of Alberta's communities. Join us in paving the way for a greener economy.