Join the Solar Energy Revolution with SPICE

Joining SPICE is more than becoming a member; it's stepping up as a leader in the renewable energy movement. Your membership signifies a commitment to invest in local economies and sustainable futures. With projects across Alberta financed directly by our members, your involvement translates into direct environmental impact and community empowerment.

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Why Join SPICE?

Be a Leader in Renewable Energy

Membership Benefits

Empower Communities and Earn Returns

A lifetime membership with SPICE opens doors to unique investment opportunities in renewable energy projects. For just $50, anyone over 18 can join our cooperative, giving you a voice and vote in cooperative decisions, as well as the ability to purchase shares. It’s an investment in our collective future, yielding both social and financial benefits.

Community Impact

Turn Financial Capital into Social Capital

As an investor with SPICE, you join a community dedicated to creating innovative and empowering projects. From local benefits to global impacts, your investment supports a sustainable shift in energy consumption and production, fostering a healthier planet and a robust local economy.

Governance Participation

Shape the Future of Solar Investment

SPICE is dynamic and innovative, and as a member, you’re at the helm of governance. Engage in the decision-making process and contribute to the direction of Alberta’s solar investment landscape. Your voice matters in shaping policies and guiding the cooperative’s growth.


Stay Connected with Community News and Updates

With your membership, you’ll receive the SPICE newsletter, keeping you informed about positive community developments, project progress, and upcoming investment opportunities. It’s your source for empowered and uplifting news within the renewable energy sector.

Ready to Become a Member?

SPICE Membership Application and Agreement

Memberships are available to all Canadian residents 18 years and older, Canadian organizations and businesses. 

To become a member of SPICE:

Complete the application form and online payment below
Please Note:

  • Payment without Membership Application will not be valid.
  • Membership Application without Payment will not be valid. We will notify you once your application and payment are received.
  • SPICE will complete your application review in the next 15 business days.
  • Please contact us with any questions at

Membership Subscription

Issuer: Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton

Total Subscription Price For One Membership Share: $50.00

Step 1.

Complete the Membership Application Form

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Your email address will be used to send sensitive documents, including your T5 tax forms, in confidential emails. We also email members with additional communications about investment opportunities, project progress, news stories, and upcoming SPICE events.

Membership Survey

Interest in Investment Shares
Upon becoming a member of SPICE, one will be eligible to invest in SPICE’s projects. I am interested in purchasing Class A Investment Shares:

Member Rights, Responsibilities, and Opportunities

The rights and responsibilities of our members are governed under the Alberta Cooperatives Act and SPICE's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Without limitation, these include the following:

Rights as a member of the Cooperative:
  • Have one vote at general and other cooperative member meetings and receive proper notice of such meetings;
  • Serve on Cooperative committees, if appointed;
  • Participate in the Cooperative’s operations and governance as a board member, if elected;
  • Raise concerns or issues relevant to the business or operation of the Cooperative;
  • Receive information about the Cooperative’s financial status and other important processes or decisions (e.g. resolutions);
  • To be eligible to receive returns that may be declared in accordance with the Act and Bylaws.
Opportunities as a member of the Cooperative:
  • Participate in the governance of the Cooperative through attendance atof general meetings, voting on decisions, asking questions;
  • Participate on the Board and/or member committees that may be struck by the Board;
  • Support the mission, vision, and goals of the Cooperative through volunteering or other community engagement;
  • Support the Cooperative’s operations by using its services or contributing to the delivery of services;
  • Learn more about the Cooperative’s operations and organizational capacity; and
  • Support the capitalization of the Cooperative by making a financial contribution, in the form of Investment Shares or other means (e.g. loans).
As a member of the Cooperative, I understand that the Cooperative is obligated to:
  • Provide notice of meetings and information on ways that I can participate in the co-operative’s governance;
  • Maintain a transparent and efficient system of decision-making that is inclusive of the membership and supportive of the mission and vision of the Cooperative;
  • Conduct business, through the board or staff, that is in the best interest of the Cooperative and its members;
  • Use my financial contribution responsibly;
  • Transfer or terminate Member Interest as exercised in accordance with the Act, the Articles and Bylaws.

Membership Agreement

I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself or as authorized agent for the Applicant, hereby agree that the above Application for Membership is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • This Application for Membership will be subject to the approval of the Cooperative's Board of Directors, which may either accept or reject this Application. This Application shall not take effect until it has been approved and accepted by the Cooperative's Board of Directors;
  • If this Application is rejected, funds tendered to purchase the subscribed membership share will be returned;
  • Immediately upon acceptance of this Application for Membership, all funds that have been tendered to purchase the membership may be used by the Cooperative;
  • Here is a copy of the Cooperative's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. I covenant with the Cooperative that I have either read them, or have been given full opportunity to read them;
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the Co-operative set out in the organizational documents;
  • If this Application for Membership is accepted, I agree that I will be bound by the Cooperative's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, as amended from time to time. In particular, I agree to pay any annual dues or like fees or levies and any service fees, which may be set by the directors of the Cooperative;
  • I agree to provide such additional information as may be reasonably required by the Board as a condition of the approval of my membership in the Cooperative; and
  • Membership in the Cooperative is subject to termination by the Board for a member’s breach of its obligations as specified in the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of the Cooperative.

Limited Consent to Use of Personal Information

I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself, or as authorized agent for the Applicant:
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of Membership and the Cooperative obligations as they have been presented. I have either read them, or have been given full opportunity to read them.
  • Acknowledge that the Applicant is not an undischarged bankrupt; that the Applicant agrees to pay for one (1) Membership Share; and, in the case that Applicant is an individual, that I am 18 years of age or older.
  • Acknowledge all information provided in connection with this application is true, accurate and complete in all respects.


The Cooperative collects member Personal Information on behalf of the members for the following purposes:
  • For SPICE to establish and maintain commercial relations with the member
  • To manage and develop SPICE business and operations; and
  • To help SPICE meet legal and regulatory requirements.
Signatory Name(Required)
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Step 2.

Membership Payment

Please transfer $50 as an online Interac e-Transfer to


Anyone who is an individual 18 years or older and not an undischarged bankrupt can apply for a membership with SPICE by simply using our online membership application. In becoming a member, you purchase a Class A membership share for $50, which buys you a lifetime membership with SPICE. Once you are a member, you can participate in shaping the organization and invest into our Share Offerings.

The current minimum investment in our Class B Investment share Offering is 10 Shares for $100 each, which equals a minimum investment of $1000. There is no defined maximum investment amount per investor, but this Share Offering is capped at $250,000.

The term of the investment into Class B Investment Shares is 11 years. Beginning in year 2025 in respect for the 2024 year-end, the Board of Directors will annually declare a dividend which is targeted to be competitive with comparable TSE-Index dividend yield (currently around 3%). Beginning in year four until year eleven, the invested capital will be returned to the investor.

SPICE shares are not transferable or traded on a recognized stock exchange. For details on our Class B Investment Share Offering and the potential risks in investing, please contact us directly to receive and we will send you our exhaustive Offering Information.

At this time in the Class B Share Offering, investments are pooled and released into projects the Board of Directors has decided to pursue. We are planning to add the option to invest into a different Share Classes dedicated to specific projects in the future.

The money our investors invest with us is held in trust until we have developed a Community Solar project and raised sufficient funds to realize it. For each project, the Board of Directors conducts a Due Dilligence before granting approval and releasing the funds to build and operate the Solar system for the Community partner.

If we are not successful in finding communities to partner with for new projects, or potential projects proof to be not viable for various reasons or if we are not able to raise sufficient funds to realize a project, the investment held in trust will be returned to the investors.

At this time we do not offer RRSP eligible Investments or other tax benefits for our investors. We are working on implementing this in the future.

As a cooperative, we are working democratically. Every member is invited to join our annual general meeting and vote on all issues the Board of Directors presents (for specifics see our Articles and Bylaws). If a member would like to participate in the development of SPICE more directly, it is always an option to run for a position on the Board or volunteer on a committee!

We are always sharing as much information as possible about the projects we are funding. While projects are still in the development phase, they will usually not be made public until a Memorandum of Understanding is signed by all project partners.

4x1 Solar Panels

Join a community of innovators driving change with SPICE. Your membership is a step towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable Alberta.