Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton

Empowering Edmonton with Community-Driven Solar Energy

SPICE is at the forefront of Edmonton's renewable energy landscape, offering a unique blend of community-driven solar power solutions and ethical investment opportunities.

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Solar Synergy

Where Community Needs and Investor Goals Align

Community Project Partners

Tailored Solar Solutions for Edmonton's Communities

For community leaders seeking sustainable energy alternatives, SPICE offers bespoke solar solutions.

We understand the challenges of transitioning to green energy, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our cooperative model ensures that your community’s move to solar energy is seamless, cost-effective, and impactful.


Your Ethical Investment Nurtures Community Growth

Invest with SPICE and become part of a movement that values both financial returns and social as well as environmental impact.

Your investment supports the proliferation of solar energy in Edmonton, directly contributing to the growth and resilience of our communities. With SPICE, you’re not just investing; you’re making a statement for a sustainable future.

Why Choose SPICE?

A Commitment Beyond Energy

Choosing SPICE means partnering with a cooperative that’s dedicated to more than just the provision of solar energy. Unlike most installers who prioritize profit, our focus is on creating a positive environmental impact and delivering social benefits.

Long Term Partnerships

We take pride in our ongoing care for the systems we install. We’re invested in the success of each project because we retain ownership of the system until it’s fully paid for. This ensures our commitment to high-quality installations and optimal performance long-term.

Social Benefits

SPICE is deeply committed to social equity. We actively source and train installers from marginalized groups, providing them with valuable skills and employment opportunities in the growing field of solar technology.

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Become a Member

Join a community of forward-thinkers who are driving the renewable energy revolution in Edmonton.

As a SPICE member, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to decision-making, benefit from our solar projects, and be part of a movement towards a sustainable future.

Membership is open to all who share our vision for a greener Edmonton.

Trusted by the Community

SPICE is recognized for its commitment to sustainable energy and community development. We’re proud to be affiliated with leading environmental organizations and to have received accolades for our contributions to renewable energy in Edmonton. Our partners and members are our greatest endorsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some of the most common inquiries we receive about solar energy, investing, and getting involved with SPICE.

SPICE has a very specific offer in the renewable energy landscape that differentiates us from all other market players in Edmonton.

We are not competing with installers offering residential solar systems or developers of large scale ground mounted systems. Instead we are aiming to facilitate solar projects that would otherwise not be happening because of a lack of knowledge, manpower, money or other resources.

SPICE’s role is to be a facilitator for community solar projects. We offer turn-key solutions including feasibility check, project development, financing and realization of community solar systems.

We are not installing the systems ourselves but are working with trusted partners in the implementation. The biggest difference to other solar energy providers is the fact that we are a cooperative and are governed by our membership, our Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws.

With this, any earnings we have will always be reinvested into our mission with a focus on environmental and social benefits.

Most important in the selection of our partners – besides their solar knowledge and professionality – are to have shared values. We preferably work with local contractors who adhere to the same social procurement standards as we do.

It is part of your vision to enable our partners to train individuals with barriers to employment on the job and transition them into sustained employment on a steady funnel of community solar projects facilitated by SPICE.

We aim to facilitate the change to renewable energy by enabling every individual to be a part of this – as an investor, as a community member, or as someone seeking employment in the industry.

We want to make solar visible in our communities and educate about the benefits of it while reducing our carbon footprint by installing as much solar as we can.

You can support us by talking to us and talking about us! If you are not sure what we offer and if this is relevant to you, talk to us. If you think what we do is worth sharing, tell your friends, tell your communities and help us enlarge our audience!

SPICE has developed a best practices document that guides us as we develop our project targets. Together with the community partners, we are establishing measurable environmental, social and community benefits and the corresponding key performance indicators to transparently document the impact and sustainability of our projects.

SPICE follows the seven Cooperative principles .

We believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others and our planet. As a democratically organized Cooperative we enable our members, investors and community partners to gain first hand experiences with a different economical concept and are hoping that this may foster change towards a different mindset in our local economy.

As part of giving form to our commitment to social responsibility, we are certified as a social enterprise by Buy Social Canada. Very practically, this includes commitments such as always reinvesting at least 50% of all profits into our mission.

If you are interested in getting involved, you are always welcome – regardless of your ability to contribute financially. As we are mainly powered by volunteers, there is usually lots to do. Please contact us directly and tell us which skills and availability you can offer and we will find out how you can best help us to further develop SPICE.

There have been several media outlets covering our development and projects in the past. We usually share the link to these stories as well as to stories of our partners in our Blog and Newsletter. Projects currently under development will be shared here on our webpage as soon as we can disclose information on them.

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SPICE – Your partner in creating a sustainable, solar-powered Edmonton. Let's harness the power of the sun for a brighter, greener tomorrow.