Bissell Thrift Shop Solar System Investment Opportunity

Bissell Thrift Shop Solar System Investment Opportunity

Building on work already started by Bissell Centre and Newo Global Energy, SPICE’s first investment opportunity is financing a small solar system with a big social impact.

Before Covid, Newo worked to lower Bissell’s energy use and install a solar system on the roof of Bissell West. Bissell community members received employment and training, and Bissell off-set a portion of its operating costs, allowing the organization to put more resources into ending poverty. In addition, a separate array was installed for year round training.

Partnerships that build abundance like this deserve to be amplified by the community. Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton can advance the work of Newo and Bissell by financing more projects with your support. Like Newo, SPICE is a certified social enterprise dedicated to serving our community and the planet. SPICE is providing the financing for a new 30.2Kw roof top solar system to be installed on the Bissell Thrift Shop on 118th Avenue near downtown Edmonton.

This project will not only support Bissell’s employment program, it will lower Bissell’s operational costs. SPICE’s role is to enable Edmontonians to invest in this project. SPICE, Newo, and Bissell have developed an investment opportunity designed to:

Create training opportunities that will lead to employment by helping projects move away from reliance on grants.

Model for all non-profits, faith groups, first nations, and communities on how to save on operational costs while lowering carbon footprints

Promote a co-operative model for unleashing local capital to build solar and energy efficiency projects — with the community, for the community

Good relationships take time and SPICE, Newo, and Bissell have used that time to refine our model for bringing social and environmental benefits to Edmonton. The Bissell Thrift Shop solar project is relatively small, but each Edmonton investor will help our model succeed, enabling subsequent projects.

SPICE’s first share offering is now open!

4x1 Solar Panels

Join SPICE in transforming Edmonton with solar energy — for the community, by the community. Together, we're building a sustainable and equitable future.